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The Great Wheelchair Escape

I just put this on our awesome free cannabis Kindle books list, read the customer reviews of this free Kindle book:

“May be the only man in history to avoid prison by escaping in a wheelchair”…People MagazineA great true story that captures the reader’s interest and imagination in an unforgettable journey full of twists and turns. Robert begins his vacation with excitement and anticipation in the land of mariachis and fiestas. With a simple twist of fate, he gets caught up in a quagmire that tests his inner strength and changes his life forever.Picked up in a case of mistaken identity, Robert faces a five-year sentence for possession of one marijuana cigarette. Take the journey with Robert and meet the many characters he encounters along the way. Meet Estela, the lovely Mexican schoolteacher; Sully, the black hustler and con man, who teaches Robert his trade; Cousin Bill, the former debate champion, who combines humor with historical fact; Monterubbio, the unscrupulous Mexican attorney; and Jefe, the evil antagonist. Mom masterminds a miraculous escape with the help of family, Mexican friends, and the prayers of thousands.”Couldn’t put this down…reads like a movie and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen”…VT- Actor and Screenwriter

The Great Wheelchair Escape

Author: Don Crowell Jr

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