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The Construction Worker: Life in the Tarsands – Book One

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Product DescriptionThe Construction Worker: Life in the Tarsands, is the first book in a four book series showing what it is like to live and work in the Oil Sands of Alberta Canada. This series follows a young scaffold apprentice from the beginning of his journey to the end and everything in between. PJ Blanchard shows not just what a person has to go through while on the actual job site but also their family life and the struggles that come with it.It was the middle of the summer of 1993 and a young twenty-something JP White is starting his first day as an apprentice scaffolder at a petro chemical plant just outside Edmonton Alberta. JP grew up with a father who worked in the Alberta oil patch so he thought he knew what he was in for but it didn`t take long for JP to realize that he could get seriously injured or killed every day he shows up to work in the tar sands. JP does have distraction from his stresses from work, a group of friends that’s been tight since high school. One of the groups favorite activities is bar hopping on Edmonton`s Whyte Ave. While at one of his regular Friday night stops he meets the new waitress, a Fine Arts student who recently moved to Edmonton from Toronto to attend the local university, and they begin a steamy relationship. JP now has to learn how to balance what happens at work with his home life, it`s not always easy but he does what he can.About the AuthorPJ Blanchard has lived across Canada while growing up but had lived in Edmonton for most of his life. (1978-2006) His father worked in the Alberta oil patch for many years before PJ followed him in the early 1990`s joining the carpenters union and beginning his scaffold apprenticeship. He spent 15+ years working mainly in the oil sands of Fort McMurray and at the downstream refineries in the Edmonton area. The Construction Worker series is a work of fiction but it is heavily influenced by JP Blanchard personal experiences on the job. JP Blanchard has been out of the industry for ten years and now lives in the Maritimes with his wife.

The Construction Worker: Life in the Tarsands - Book One

Author: PJ Blanchard

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