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Giada. A Guilty Love: A Steamy Forbidden Daddy Romance

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“May God have pity on me, on him and the enormous mess we’d made”. A trouble, a scandal and too many secrets. An exciting steamy forbidden romance. *****I wasn’t ready for him, but he didn’t care.He entered my life like a tornado,he turned me upside down, taking my breath away,and made me a woman,in spite of everything and everyone.*****On my eighteenth birthday I thought that life was about to look up, far from imagining what was really in wait for me. Soon I would be overwhelmed, shaken to the foundations, by something much bigger than me, throwing my body and heart into the mouth of a man with the character of a wolf. It was going to be a scandal and a disgrace: no one would understand, because no one knew the many truths that the wolf had been so good at concealing.Perhaps even he had a heart, albeit a worn out one.And perhaps, if I fought and ignored appearances, sooner or later I would discover it.This is a romance novel for adults only.CRAZY FOR ROMANCE“Reading ‘Giada, a guilty love’ was exciting. I loved everything about this book: the out-of-the-ordinary love story, the authentic characters and the impeccable, but above all hypnotic style of this author who kept me glued to the pages without interruption to the end…”BOOKISH GIRLS BLOG“The story, page after page, is enriched by unexpected events, characters that come back from the past and that make the whole story even more compelling!…”LOVE IS IN THE BOOKS“I found this book very deep and strong but at the same time delicate … A book with layers, the kind that touch you deeply to the end; you feel it on the skin, in the heart and to your soul…”

Giada. A Guilty Love: A Steamy Forbidden Daddy Romance

Author: Anna Chillon

Learn more about this free Kindle book – Giada. A Guilty Love: A Steamy Forbidden Daddy Romance

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