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Having a greater understanding of WHAT cannabis is, HOW it’s grown and utilized as well as WHY it is consumed aids in removing the archaic attitude attached to this wonderful weed. The incredible curative powers of cannabis – mind, body AND spirit, have been hidden in the closet for nearly a century – but no more! Pharmaceuticals or not – pills or pot BIG question on the minds of many. Be empowered by education, not fueled by opinion. Do your research and become the FIRST line of defense in your health and wellness strategy. Education is empowerment, having an INFORMED opinion is essential. I am not saying that Cannabis is the solution or salvation for all concerns or conditions – BUT it is a SAFE NATURAL OPTION FOR MANY as part of their health and wellness strategy – bottom line is, it’s your body, your life, your existence and your freedom to choose, to be given options – to make informed decisions.Some common misconceptions about cannabis has contributed to the demonization of an otherwise wonderful weed. Being informed is the easiest way to battle the beast of ignorance and aid in removing some of the archaic attitudes and social stigmas associated with cannabis. FEAR IS DEBILITATING: INFORMATION IS POWER.


Author: Irene A York

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